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65mm bar. 31" max. turning length

Precision engineering

JKF Precision offers a production facility for the specialist manufacture of components to customers’ drawings with accreditation to the quality system ISO 9001:2008.


We have a range of machine tools, that cover most conventional machining operations on a small batch and one off basis. This has recently been enhanced by the addition of seven CNC lathes, one of which has ‘live’ power tooling, a CNC boring machine and four CNC milling machines.


Here are the precision engineering machines we have and the work we can carry out.

CNC Machining

Mazak Slant Turn 30

Maximum size:



Maximum size:

Nakamura  - Tome TMC-18

Maximum size:



Nertabloc SAFTH260P – TIG welder

Pro UK – Stud welder

Lincoln 275 – TIG welder

SWP Studweld Pro UK – Stud welder

Redstar 350 – MIG welder

TEC UK ARC421 – TIG welder

Neweld NW305T – MIG welder

Miller Syncrowave 375 – TIG welder

Cebora – Spot Welder

T & R Multi Wave 400 – TIG welder

Herbert Devlieg 3H72NC

Maximum size:

Milling Machines

Bridgeport Universal

Maximum size: 18” x 9” x 12” vertical.

Abene Universal with DRO

Maximum size: 18” x 18” x 12” vertical.

Centre Lathes

Colchester Mastiff 1400 with DRO

Maximum size: 21” diam x 8ft centres.

30” diam in gap.


Harrison M450 with DRO

Maximum size: 21” diam x 5ft centres.

20” diam in gap.


Sheet Metal Working

Pressbrake – Carter W067Y N.C 3200 X 100 tonne

Guillotine  - Carter QC12K 6 X 3200

Pressbrake – Barnes 8ft x 0.125

Edwards – Box & Pan Folder

Edwards – Motorised bending rolls

MS 17/90 – Abrasive Tube Notcher

Vickery Gairu Pullmax –Nibbler

Precision Engineering tools

Hardinge GS150

Maximum Size:


XYZ SLX425 CNC Manual

Maximum Size:




Bridgeport Hardinge GX1000

Maximum Size:

Hardinge VMC 600

Maximum Size:





Bridgeport/Hardinge GX480 (x2)

Maximum Size:








BSA 6256 X 2M with DRO


BSA L650 X 2000 with DRO


Aurora Universal with DRO

Maximum size: 4ft x 2ft x 28” vertical.

Huron Universal with DRO

Maximum size:

Herbert Devlieg 43H72CNC

Maximum size:

Boring Machines - Vertical

Webster & Bennett

36” table diam

20” height under cross beam

Boring Machines - Horizontal